Sunday, August 30

Lunching at Catalinas.

Happy Sunday everybody! This month has been a busy one. I was lucky enough to travel to 3 different countries and managed to work on some incredible collaborations but a visit from Mel (otherwise known as @thetiafox) honestly couldn't have come at a better time. I discovered in the last few months that adjusting to a new career whilst spending quality time with friends and family was a lot tougher than I could've imagined. As much as I hate to admit it - I was failing pretty miserably as juggling all of the above. 

This spontaneous trip to Catalina's on a Friday afternoon filled with effortless conversation and beautiful food reminded me the importance of taking time to do what makes you happy. The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better days ahead.

Outfits Details: Zimmermann playsuit & floating dress
White Throw: Stellys
Shoes: Seed


Monday, August 24

Tuesday Thoughts.

Sometimes when I have a few hours to spare, though, the actual notion of having 'spare time' is almost non-existent in my life these days. I like to on the odd occasion visit an old favourite cafe of mine. It's in this quaint space where i'm able to order my regular chai or iced latte and organise my unedited images and jumbled thoughts.

I suppose one of the risks of being quiet is that other people can fill your silence with their own interpretation of you. You're shy. You're judgemental. You're stuck up. You're rude. When others can't seem to read us, they write their own story - not always one we choose or one that's true to who we are. I've come to learn from a close friend, Wendy, that one of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you. Valuing your opinion of yourself above all others is whats important. To be authentic, genuine and true to who you are.



Sunday, August 23


This is Brennie. Creative director and a friend mine for almost ten years. It's always an absolute pleasure hanging with this human being when he's not busy taking over the world. He's been a huge supporter of my work from the get go and I always feel so incredibly inspired when I catch up with him. I haven't dabbled much in people photography in a while - so it was a good challenge to play around with my camera again. I hope I did you justice Brend. Also on a side note - how dope is his fashion? He nails the monochrome look every single time!


Thursday, August 20

Capturing the Moment: Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

Last week was a massive week for me! To celebrate the ten year partnership milestone, I was approached by Audi Australia to guest edit their social media channels for Audi Hamilton Island Race week. I had been keeping this collaboration a secret and was ecstatic to share the big news on my social media when my flights and itinerary had all been finalised. The brief was to capture what #AlwaysAudi stood for and to showcase Audi's lifestyle events and experiences through my own perspective and photographic style. 

Being flown to Hamilton Island to work with Audi was a serious dream come true. I drove my first Audi A1 in February and fell in love with the entire look and performance of the car and knew right away that Audi was a brand I would love to work with. Looking back - the event flew by in the blink of and eye and it feels surreal to finally be home again.

I remember arriving on the island and was in total awe as I was greeted by beautiful blue skies and rows of towering palm trees. I felt immediately at ease as I unpacked my bags to get ready for the next few exciting days which awaited me. I was lucky enough to test drive the Audi Q7 and A7 during my stay and drove up to One Tree Hill to find a mesmerising lookout over the neighbouring islands. Hamilton Island really knows how to put on a great sunset! I'm going to miss this view.


Clothing Details: Stellys 
Camera & Photography: iPhone6 | Canon D500 
Li-Chi Pan


Tuesday, August 18

Chanel on Flinders Lane.

After meeting up with two of my favourite Melbournian's for breakfast we decided to head to the Chanel Boutique store on Flinders Lane and I'm so glad it didn't disappoint. This is a must visit if you're a Francophile like myself! 

140 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
(03) 9655 2200


Mon to Thurs 10am-6pm
Fridays 10am-7pm
Photography: Agia Sidi