Wednesday, October 22

TeaPlus - Pot Plant Drink!

Signature Taro Plant Milk Tea ($5.80)

Taro milk tea, whipped cream and Oreo crumbs as 'soil' to top it all off -  What is this heavenly looking goodness? It's called the plant milk tea and is the signature drink at Tea Plus in Burwood and is pretty much a drink that is born for Instagram! The drink is simply adorable looking and I love that you are able to see the three distinct layers through the large beer mug too.

The texture of the Oreo crumbs combined with the salty milk foam and tea was pleasantly delicious! Taro milk tea was my favourite flavour of the two that I tried (the other being the 'original' flavour). Overall, a thoroughly refreshing and tasty drink and wouldn't hesitate to visit again!

TeaPlus Taiwanese Cuisine & Tea House
Shop 9, 258 Burwood Road, Burwood, Sydney.
Phone: (02) 8958 4264

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 11:30am - 9:30pm
Friday and Saturday 11:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday 11:30 - 9:30pm
Closed on Mondays


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Li Chi Pan Sydney restaurants

Tuesday, October 21

Paris in Film.


Couldn't believe our luck when we stumbled across Rossmann pharmacy in Germany and found 3 rolls of film for 4 euros (standard film costing around 6-8 euros a roll)!  Wasn't sure how the photos would turn out but was pleasantly surprised upon collecting the prints from the photo shop. Really love the grainy texture and the element of surprise that comes with analogue photography!  Digital photography is easier and cleaner - but there's something about shooting on a 35mm Leica M6 camera that still resonates a nostalgic quality.

Photography: Haren Dias


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Monday, October 20

Double Date.

Ordered the Banoffee Waffle with ice cream ($9) and a Strawberry Tart ($8) with a pink lemonade to go! Tart was good but the waffle was the winner for me! 

In the midst of my finals - I decided to visit the Grounds of Alexandria with my darling Amelia and her boyfriend, Theo (it's been a while since we last visited). I'm not a major fan of the long queues at the Potting Shed - So I usually opt for the various market stalls which have been set up. Super fast and only about a ten minute wait for food (winning).


Palais de Tokyo

After having read about Henrique Oliveira's exhibition I spent a good amount of time trying to convince my friend to come with me to the Palais de Tokyo. The lady at the reception was kind enough to let us in free of charge (winning!) - showed her our student cards as well as my architect student pass (In Paris you can get in free of charge if you have a EU student card!! ) and managed to enjoy the entire exhibition in just under an hour! 


Monday, October 6

Whitest Sand in Australia ☼

People have been asking me where this beautiful beach is on my Instagram.This little hidden gem is called Hyams beach and is a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney. More details from the trip can now be found through this link:


Saturday, October 4

A Quick Foodie's Guide to Visiting Taiwan.

 Bubble tea is a quintessential must when visiting Taiwan! Decided to try out ηŽ‹θ¨˜θŒΆθˆ– located in Hualien city in Taiwan. I ordered a medium sized bubble tea (left) and my cousin ordered the large (right). The bubble tea is rated as number one by locals so do give it a try if you stop by this city.

Address: 565 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City. 
Opening hours: 08:30- 23:00

KFC Portuguese Egg Tarts are surprisingly good! My aunt had been raving about these tarts so decided to give them a go. Purchased half a dozen of warm, flakey and crunchy egg tarts! Incredibly tasty and not too sweet. 

View from World Class Bullet Train. Took the Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) from Taichung Station to Taipei station. It was an unbelievably smooth ride and a fun experience. Comfortable leg space with complimentary tea/juice/coffee and snack. 

 Dining with a view at Hotel One. Decided to spend one night in Taichung City and stayed at the tallest building in Taichung. Opted for a simple breakfast and took in the serene view. Loved my stay here.

Seven Eleven Soft Serves. My cousin was adamant on me trying out the honey melon soft serve and I am so glad I did! Such a gem! Don't miss out on this if you happen to pass by one of the many 7/11's in Taiwan.

 Delicious Godiva Chocolate Soft Serve! If you are a fan of chocolate this is something you must try! A Wonderful self-treat, so go on and spoilt yourself. A bit pricey but worth it! 

 Agnes B Cafe is renown for it's sweet looking bear cakes!  

 Sadaharu Aoki Goodness hits Taipei. Huge fan of the macarons and deserts from Aoki. I learnt of Sadaharu Aoki during my travels to Paris. The fusion of French and Japanese pastry is mind blowing. Pastries are so beautiful with a delicious simplicity. The packaging for the macarons are done with such attention. 

  Not related to food - but if you have the time in Taipei do visit the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall located in Zhongzheng District, Taipei. Best historical spot in the city!