Wednesday, January 21

This Time, Two Years Ago.

I had just broken up with my first love of two years. He had gotten me an engagement ring at the time. I remember being filled with complete uncertainty and doubt and decided to trust my gut and ended it. I've come a long way since then. It hasn't been an easy road but I have also learnt that there's so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being completely distraught over someone who doesn't. 2015 should be a year where you spend some time going on adventures, dressing up and giving more to others. As my favourite novelist C.S Lewis says, 'there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.' 

Photography: Carey Ciuro 


Sunday, January 11

Sunset in Lanaʻi.

Excited to share some images with you from my recent trip to Lana'i which also happens to be the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in Hawaii. This was the first time we had all been to Hawaii and we were all so excited that we could barely wait! We made our way down from the hotel towards the beach and discovered that there wasn't a single soul in sight. The only movement was the gentle waves dancing along the pebbled shoreline. It was peaceful and serene. Looking back it was such a special moment that truly set the mood for the beginning of our trip in Lana'i. So appreciative to have been able to start 2015 with some of my favourite people and on such a  calming note. 

Photography: Li-Chi Pan & Li-Zen Pan


Thursday, January 8

Snorkelling in Hawaii.

Aloha from Honalulu!

I've always been petrified of the open waters as I have an unexplainable phobia of sharks. Don't ask me why. Took a hell lot of convincing from my brother to finally get me in the water. My brother is the polar opposite of me. Complete opposite. He absolutely loves the open water (love being an understatement in this context). He got his advanced certificate in scuba diving and has been trying to persuade me to get my license for the longest time (still doubt i'll go through with that - snorkelling is about as far as i'll go for now). 

I've always struggled with diving deep into the water as I somehow end up floating back up after two seconds. So this time round my brother actually taught me how to nose dive deeper into the waters to look at the vibrant coloured coral reefs and fish. I felt way more at ease having the guy by my side and keeping me calm from my occasional panic attacks in the water, haha! We also decided to put his new GoPro4 to test as his GP3 battery failed on us and here were the final results! Loved how crystal clear some of these images came out! Enjoy & much love from the Li's.

Photography: Li-Zen Pan
Editing: Li-Chi Pan


Friday, January 2

Reality Called, So I Woke Up.

Lounging around in the tangles of soft string of this artwork from the Taipei Biennial was such a playful experience. Who wouldn't want to tumble around in five tonnes of colourful wool? Arguably one of my favourite works to date. I'm currently writing to you from Tokyo and freezing my butt off despite looking like a layered cupcake! I decided that it was finally time that I made the trip to visit one of my closest friends who moved to Japan for work after graduating from Usyd. I can't quite fathom that it's already been five years since we first met! Will try to update you with more details of my Japan trip later this week through photographs & Instagram! xxx

Photography: Li-Zen Pan
Editing: Li-Chi Pan


Thursday, January 1

Hello 2015!

Happy new years everybody! 

Can't believe that another year has come and gone in just a blink of an eye. 2014 was a year where I graduated from my Masters of Architecture, embarked on a 6 month adventure to Europe and made some life long friends from Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Singapore and the Dominican Republic. It was also the year I decided to finally get my blog lichipan up and running & hit my goal of 25 000 followers on Instagram (THANK YOU!). 2014 was also the year I lost my dear grampa. It was the year where I put my relationship through some serious strain by going to Europe and where I experienced losing someone I wanted to meet for the longest time but never got the chance to as he left the world a little too soon...

I can only hope that the best moments of 2015 will outweigh the bad this year. Whatever negative vibes that happened in 2014 leave it in 2014. Don't drag it into the new year - surround yourself with people who make you genuinely happy. People who make you laugh and build you up. People who help you when you're in need. Life's too short to let miserable people bring you down - ain't nobody got time fo that! To positive waves and an incredible 2015 :)! 

Lots of love,