Tuesday, July 14

Instagram Travel Diaries: South Africa.

The last 5 months working at MAXMEDIALAB have really flown by in a blink of an eye! When I initially joined Instagram people would often tell me that the app was a waste of time and that I spent too much time curating my feed. I developed a distinct style over the year and discovered that Instagram not only inspired me to continuously explore but also helped me to see the world with new eyes. Don't let anyone ever belittle your passion or talk you out of doing what you love. You do you.

After a busy month at work I finally decided to take eight days off to fly back to visit my friends and family in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. It was a short but extremely memorable trip.  

People often ask me what it's like in South Africa and I find myself at a loss for words. Just what exactly is it that makes it so irrefutably photogenic? The vast landscape, wild animals, two oceans, winelands and genuinity of people truly make me proud to have been able to have grown up in such a beautiful country and call it home. Whether you're a local or just passing through, these 25 Instagram images show a small facet of my trip which will hopefully inspire you to want to explore my hometown someday.  

Typography:  Jasmine Dowling
Camera & Photography: iPhone6 | Li-Chi Pan / Li-Zen Pan 


Dining with VOSS Water at Tokonoma

After hearing much about the acclaimed sister restaurant of Toko in Surry Hills, I thought it was only fitting that I pay tribute to this hidden gem located below The Bridge Room. The subtle lighting of Tokonoma has an inviting ambience, and is the perfect spot to catch up with friends and family - or a romantic night with a special someone. Its rustic sandstone walls and concrete floors make for a perfect environment to wine and dine in.

The dishes were done impeccably well and have me reminiscing about my visit. Above are a few of the dishes I managed to try and I would highly recommend including the honey bug nigiri, sashimi omakase as well as the black cod on hoba leaf. The miso sauce and salmon had the most delicate texture and literally melted in my mouth almost immediately. The glaze had the right balance of sweet and salty to it and I savoured every bite.

The chef recommended the chocolate fondant for dessert and it was definitely one of the most delicious, rich chocolate fondants I have ever tasted! The service matched the quality of food, making it a memorable experience. It’s great to finally welcome this contemporary Japanese restaurant to the CBD. Give this hidden charm a visit if you ever pass by Bridge Street!

Address:  44 Bridge Street, Sydney (enter via Loftus Lane)
Phone:  +61 2 9251 8185

Hours:  Lunch: Mon – Fri   12pm – 3pm
Dinner: Mon – Sat   5.30pm – 11pm