Sunday, September 27

Bondi Bliss.

I remember a year ago on my last day in Germany you sent me to the bus stop and I hugged you so tight I felt my chest suddenly close up and I realized how you made saying goodbye so incredibly hard. I guess that’s what saying goodbye is always like. I am so glad that our paths crossed again despite being separated continents apart. I had a feeling we wouldn't be seeing one another for a while and when you told me that you were finally coming to Sydney I couldn't contain my excitement. 

Thank you for always motivating me to work hard and dream big. I hope that we will continue to build one another up as the years go by. Ugh, i'm seriously going to miss that cute face of yours. Come visit me again soon. xx

Photography: Jemimah James Wei & Li-Chi Pan
Location: Bondi Icebergs

Wednesday, September 23

Adore Beauty Haul

Happy Hump Day everyone! 

I ordered from Adore Beauty for the first time last week after hearing much hype about it through a colleague at work. I don't know how I lived before discovering this site - signed up and purchased the SKII Mid-Day Miracle Essence and it arrived the following day. I rarely have days off as i'm so caught up with styling and shooting at work whilst juggling blogging on the side that shopping online is so much more convenient for me. 

I placed my order during my lunch break and it was delivered the following day! I would highly recommend purchasing off Adore Beauty as opposed to make-up counters as you have access to a team of friendly staff who are always happy to help with some great reviews! The cherry on top was the little hidden Tim Tam which wasn't advertised -but was the perfect surprise for me after a busy day at work. Thanks for making my experience such a special one! I think it's safe to say that i'm an official Adore Beauty addict ;) 

Photography: Li-Chi Pan

Tuesday, September 22

Postcards from Te Ho Ho rock.

New Zealand has always been on my bucket list of places to visit and this trip finally materialised this year thanks to Flight Centre Australia as well as Tourism NZ. I got accustomed to waking up at almost 5am everyday to catch sunrise with the incredibly talented landscape photographer, William Patino, who taught me to appreciate a beautiful golden sunrise. In the five days spent in New Zealand every sunrise and sunset was so different and so unique in its own way I learnt to fall in love with its uncanny and unpredictable nature. 

We paid two visits to Te Ho Ho rock. Once to catch sunrise and the following day to catch sunset. Both trips were quite a different kind of experience. Having done the first by canoe and the latter by foot - I immersed myself in both experiences and allowed myself to completely forget about the stress of capturing the moment and instead focus on getting lost amongst the crashing champagne waves that covered the sand between my toes and appreciate the grand scale and enormity of Grand Cathedral Cove. 

Photography: William Patino & Li-Chi Pan

Sunday, September 20

Interview With Illustrator Sammoorecandraw.

When I woke up to this personalised and rather unexpected illustration in my inbox - it put the biggest smile on my face and I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity in getting to know more about 27 years old, Sam Moore aka sammoorecandraw, illustrator and story teller.

The determined artist now resides in London and recently collaborated with AdidasUK to produce a series of illustrations for the #supercolour campaign. I spent some time with this talented human being and here's what he had to say.
So...Tell us about yourself
I’m Sammy. English, 27 years old, illustrator and designer at Golden Wolf, East London, UK. 

What’s your secret talent Sam? 
My secret talent? People seem pretty surprised when I tell them I can sew. My mum is a dress maker and taught me over the years. So if you pop a button, rip a seam or need a tote bag whipping up. I’m that guy.

What does your day look like on a daily basis?
I live in North West London. I work in East London. So I spend a lot of my day walking. busing and tubing. 

I really love it though, this is when I like to zone out and read or draw. I’m really lucky to work as a full time illustrator and designer in an incredible animation studio. I work amongst some incredibly talented people in a really exciting space. Everyone is a director in their own way. We all get a say in projects from pitch to delivery, so I spend a lot of my day drawing, chatting and collaborating. I love it.
How did you get into illustrations?
I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through drawing rather than through words or writing. I was encouraged by several teachers as a kid to never stop drawing and to continually practice.

I like to think they saw something in me. I worked freelance from the age of 17, doing mixtape covers and portraits for friends. That turned into a casual freelance career and eventually led to increasingly bigger projects, particularly during my time studying graphic arts and design at university. I graduated and moved to Australia for two years where some of my most valuable inspirations came from.

I’ve been fortunate to work with brands like Nike, Adidas, High Snobiety, Starter and UEFA. Earlier in the Year after returning from Australia and some extended time soul searching in Japan, I decided to leave freelance behind and get into a studio. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

What would you describe your drawing style as?
My style is often informed by the things around me. I draw a lot of inspiration from my time in Sydney and Japan as well as my love for fashion. I’ve always been fascinated by drawing female form, since an eventful life drawing class at art college. 

My process and techniques can change from day to day, as well as my work’s general aesthetic. However I always make an effort to draw everything I work on by hand, before any digital treatment. This has always been important to me. It’s great to feel as though you have a ‘style’ Thats something I always gave myself a hard time about. It’s great to feel that your work is recognisable or consistent, but for me right now, it’s all about versatility and being open to learning new things.

If you'd like to check out more of Sam Moore's amazing artwork check out the link below. 
Instagram: @sammoorecandraw

Tuesday, September 15

Fondation Café, Paris.

Here's a bit of a throwback to my time spent in Paris with my best friend. We made it our mission to find the best coffee in town, and Fondation café definitely made the cut! Located in a tiny space near Place de la Republique, is a café run by an Australian owner and the man definitely knows how to make his coffee! Whilst living abroad in Europe for six months I realised how difficult it was to find a good cuppa coffee so I really savoured this moment. 

In hindsight - travelling as a student on a minuscule to almost non-existent budget has honestly been one of the biggest highlights of my life. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Paris with my best friends and it's only when you get to travel with someone that  you truly learn whether or not you guys get along - Who you travel with is definitely as important as the final destination, if not more.

Photography: Haren Dias & Li-Chi Pan

Wednesday, September 9

Waffle Feasting.

Happy hump day guys!

Choc Pot has always been my go-to-place for desserts. I honestly can't fault the place! I reckon these monstrous chocolate plates of sugar are made to be shared - but you know... Treat yoself. Whenever I eat here it feels like ten cheats day in one I swear! Haha! We ordered all the home-made waffles on the menu as well as their dessert of the month: honeycrumb waffnut - which consists of two stacked honey-cinnamon waffnuts with a waffle cone top hat smothered in biscuit crumbs and caramel ice-cream.  Decadent to say the very least! ;)

People often ask me how I take my images so I decided to include a dorky-behind-the-scene snap of myself standing on the chair looking not-so-elegant, but you know. You asked. So here you go. Big shout out to my girls for such a memorable weekend! xxx


Monday, September 7

Hamilton Island Sunsets.

I've been focusing on myself for a while and I have to admit that it's the greatest my spirits have felt to date. Having made the difficult decision to step away from a three year relationship towards the end of last year I had to remind myself that moving on was all a part of the bigger picture. It's been almost eight months and I feel as if i'm only growing into myself and truly becoming the self I envisioned. I'm still healing and hopefully a few months from now i'll get to where I need to be and eventually become who I need to be. As my favourite poet Oscar Wilde once said, 'to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance...' - Learn to surround yourself with people who elevate and support you unconditionally and most importantly learn to just love yourself so that you know what you truly deserve, :). 


White Lace Kimono  & Butternut Biscuits Lace Bodysuit:

Photography: Li-Chi Pan