Monday, December 14

100 000K !!

100 000 Instagram followers!!

Thank you to everyone who clicked that little follow me button on Instagram and made this mini goal of mine possible! I remember when I first started out and I hit 1 000 followers and how excited I was!

To reach 100 000 is just crazy, something that I wouldn’t have done without some incredible support from family, friends and followers over the last 1.5 years.

To the next 100K :)

Totoro Bread: @dous_dolce 
Flowers: Grandiflora

Sunday, December 13

Melbourne Vlog by @boynotboy

So incredibly proud of my friend, Boy for launching her youtube channel today with her first Melbourne Vlog! Check it out and subscribe! :) CONGRATS BOY!! So proud xx

Thursday, December 10

Melbourne Must Do's x Park Hyatt Melbourne.

1. Brighton Beach Houses

As Boy had never been to Brighton Beach Houses before - I thought it was only appropriate to bring her here. It would have been a sin to have gone to Melbourne and not pay tribute to the row of colourful houses. We caught an Uber from the city (+-30 minutes drive) and decided to take a dip upon arrival. 

2. Hosier Lane & Flinders Street Station

Hosier Lane is a must-do whilst in the Melbourne CBD area. The vibrant street art culture acts as a temporary art gallery that is ever changing. Having been exposed to occasional street art in Sydney- I found it pretty intriguing to find alley way upon alley way covered in unique artworks. Located within 5 minutes of Hosier Lane is Flinders Street station! This bustling station is an iconic landmark and can't be missed! 

3. Rooftop hopping

Melbourne is renown for its hidden gems. Boy and I spent some time exploring the city and stumbled upon this secret rooftop pool and naturally we decided to take a dip, because why not? I would advise you to roam the city and fully immerse yourself and explore all that this mysterious city has to offer, you'd be surprised at what you'd come ac

4. Insta-Meetups 

One of my favourite things to do when heading to a new city is reaching out to new creatives and meeting up with locals to visit their favourite spots which aren't known to tourists. This is @agiasidi - he was one of the first people I started following on Instagram and is currently based in Melbourne. With a serious addiction to donuts and coffee we try to meet up whenever we can to collaborate. Don't be shy to reach out on Instagram to people which inspire and encourage you as an individual!

5. Park Hyatt Picnics at Fitzroy Gardens

Park Hyatt Melbourne was kind enough to provide my friends and I with a picnic blanket, map, glass plates and croissants for our picnic in Fitzroy garden. We lazed around in the warmth of the sun and caught up over giggles and laughs with the best picnic spread from miss @cuppyandcake! 

Tuesday, December 8

48 hours in Melbourne.

How liberating is it to leave everything familiar once in a while. I started the year on a completely new path; dropping a five year degree to pursue a career I had zero experience in, and leaving a three year relationship I was unhappy with while bruising myself in the process. However, in hindsight it was all worth it in the end, as there can never be success without a bit of struggle. 

Having had a rather chaotic month I decided that a short trip away was necessary in order to restore some form of sanity. I was invited for a two nights stay at the Park Hyatt Melbourne, and upon check-in I was upgraded to an incredibly spacious Deluxe room. There, I was greeted by a bed which made getting up in the morning a real mental work out, as well as a pair of customised slippers and the softest bathrobes. As soon as my best friend and I arrived we were immediately blown away by the enormity of our room as well as a panoramic view of the Melbourne skyline. 
Having checked in at 4pm I decided to order one of the best room service breakfast spreads that I have had the pleasure of enjoying for dinner. Yup, it's a twenty four hour breakfast service (best)! 

Upon my arrival back to Sydney, and consequently being yanked back into reality - I daydream of this classically, grand hotel with it's approachability and friendliness of staff as well as its prime location. I can't even begin to thank the hospitable staff for making my stay such a memorable one.

Address: 1 Parliament Square
 off Parliament Place, 
Victoria, Australia, 3002

Tel: +61 3 9224 1234