Monday, May 19

Take Me to the Mountain Top

In the midst of all the trace paper, scattered Copic markers and masterplanning I find myself dreaming and thinking back to more blissful times spent in South Africa with one of my closest friends, Sarah. With only two days in Cape Town we were blessed with perfect weather.  Cape Town is well known for its fickle and highly unpredictable weather conditions and often the cableway can be closed for days on end.

The views when you reach the top are out of this world. So magical and incredibly breathtaking. If only time-travel via quantum teleportation was a tangible thing. I wouldn't mind going back in time and reliving this moment.

Tuesday, May 13

Simple Crêpes Recipe

 A close up of my homemade crêpes!

Thought i'd share a quick and simple fool proof recipe of my homemade crêpes with you all! Or as my German flatmate calls them.. 'pfannkuchen' which literally translates as pancake. Since arriving in Stuttgart i've become completely domesticated because everything is closed on a Sunday - which means more time to myself. So i've been getting my hands a bit dirty in the kitchen. It takes about 35 minutes to make these bad boys. So give it a try! 

-1 cup all-purpose flour

-2 tablespoon sugar
-1/4 teaspoon of coarse salt
-1.5 cups of low fat milk
-4 eggs
-2 tablespoon of melted butter

Mix the flour, sugar, milk, eggs and butter. Stir until the batter is smooth and has a few bubbles. Refrigerate mixture in a container for 3 hours or leave overnight.  Heat a pan over a medium heat and coat with some butter. Add 1/3 cup batter and swirl around the pan. Cook until the crepe is golden in texture for 2 minutes. Loosen the edge of the crepe and flip the crepe over for another 2 minutes. Slide the crepe out of the pan and repeat with the remainder of the batter. Serve with whipped cream, strawberry jam, fresh fruit, Nutella or whatever fancies your delight! This little treat always manages to brighten up my day.