Sunday, November 29

The Fifth Family XMAS Party at Gordon's Bay.

Happy Monday lovers! 

I'm so excited to finally share some images from this weekend. When Alex, the founder and CEO of the Fifth Watches approached me and asked me if I was able to help him plan and organise an end of year celebration party for his company I just couldn't turn down the offer. Despite having to string this event together during my after-work hours with an impromptu group of four- it was so rewarding to see our event materialise after 4 weeks of hard work and conceptualisation. 

Having such a stunning venue also always helps to make our job that much easier. The marble table tops, incredible view of Coogee and fine finishes of the luxurious home truly helped in creating the ultimate VIP fifth family experience.

A big shout out to some of the incredible sponsors listed below. The event wouldn't have been quite the same without your support and love! 

Sponsored Catering & Decorations
@spoonandfork: Cake Designer
@sugar.monk : Table Designer
@sweetheavenlyeventhire: Dessert Table Furniture
@partysplendour: Giant White Balloons
@woahnellybakes : Donuts
@fluffegram : Fairy Floss
@sweetmickie : Cookies
@sharedaffair : Table 
@mrbaobuns : Baos
@littleconfettilove : Calligrapher
@funitro : Gelato
@sweetale : Balloons

Photography & Timelapse

Gordan's Avenue, Coogee

Saturday, November 21

Edwards and Co x lichipan

It's that time of year again when I get a little too restless with my hair and being the spontaneous human being that I can be - when I was contacted by Bianca, from Edwards and Co I didn't even hesitate and agreed to come in on a Saturday morning to get my hair done. Located in the quaint little suburb of Surry Hills - Edwards and Co is directed by leading colourist Jaye Edwards. Edwards and Co is a rustic warehouse studio surrounded by raw brick and minimalist furniture giving the entire space a contemporary and open plan feel to it.

The entire experience and atmosphere of this salon is quite unique- Surrounded by women and men seated in front of their laptops, sipping on coffee with foils, scissor-cutting and blow drying happening in a almost synchronised row is almost like a scene out of a movie!

I opted with bleaching the ends of my hair after speaking to the incredibly talented @joel_wallbank and initially had settled for grey ombré tips - however, four hours later I quickly learnt that having Asian hair meant that it was going to take a few bleaches before my hair would lose its pigmentation and i'm only too happy to revisit this salon again! Another excuse to bother Joel, haha! Here's a big shoutout to Bianca, Joel and the talented crew at E&C who truly made my visit a special and memorable one. I can't wait to visit again to finally complete my grey ombré dip dyed ends! 

Phone: 02 9211 6631

Photography: Rob Mulally
Hair: Edwards and Co / @_edwardsandco 
Floral Headcrown: Lime Tree Bower

Saturday, November 14

Good Friends & Great Adventures.

It's so easy to focus on what you don't have and to always want something that's unattainable - that's human nature, isn't it? To always want something that is beyond our reach. We are often so consumed by the notion of wanting to get away from our monotonous surroundings- in seek of new adventures in cities which we have never been to... but have fallen completely in love with. Having lived in Sydney for almost six years I realised how little time I had actually invested in exploring this beautiful city and when Matt and Rob suggested that we drive up to Hunter Valley, being the spontaneous girls that Tara and I are - we decided to go. 

Having returned from our recent trip together in Dubai - I've been feeling so inspired to travel and adventure more in Sydney. I'm truly amazed at how Instagram has brought so many like-minded and creative people into my life and how I can call some of these incredibly awesome humans - my family. Despite living very busy lives we all still meet on the regular for dinner catch ups and it makes me smile knowing that an App - has helped connect me with such like-minded people who appreciate travel and photography as much as I do. 

Here's to exploring more in good company! :) 

Photography: Rob Mulally

Wednesday, November 4

Halloween Ideas.

Usually I put in zero effort when it comes to this time of the year - and by zero effort I mean taking a black marker and drawing on a pair of ridiculous-looking whiskers and putting on two dollar cat ears from the reject shop down my street. This year my best friend and I decided to be slightly more prepared she attempted a half skull look with some white and black paint on me... What do you guys think? Scary much?  :P Probably not, but whatever.

Monday, November 2

Ocean air. Salty hair.

'There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.' - Steve Maraboli

Photography: Koentadi Hadinoto