Sunday, July 13

CitizenM, Amsterdam.

Being the spontaneous person that I can be - having arrived back from Paris we decided that with the weekend around the corner it would leave us with a minute amount of time to squeeze in a small weekend-away trip to Amsterdam. Having been ranked in the top 40 hotels to stay in by the trusty Trip Advisor - we decided to opt with CitizenM, Amsterdam. 

It was my first time in a CitizenM boutique hotel; and I loved every minute of it! The hotel itself is rather informal with a self check in booth upon arrival - if you consider yourself to be quite the tech savvy person, this boutique will be a haven for you. The shutters, lights, TV and AC are all controlled by a single remote in the bedroom. The room itself is rather compact but the absolute winning factor for me was the wall-to-wall bed! Will be back to roll around in this luxurious soon enough!



Queenie said...

The bed looks so comfy! Hope you had fun in Amsterdam xxx

Aurélie said...

I just discovered you thanks to IG and I absolutly love your pictures !

Jekaterina Mirmanova said...

Enjoy your weekend in Amsterdam! Very beautiful photos)