Tuesday, April 28

Taking a breather.

It's been a while since I did a personal post and I thought I'd take the time to share some thoughts that've been cooped up in the back of my mind. I recently landed my dream job in Sydney. I remember my gran distinctly telling me to pursue a job I was passionate about and decided to make the switch from Architecture to becoming a full time Content Editor. It wasn't an easy decision to make but I decided that this opportunity had come at a perfect time in my life and that I needed this change. I also told myself that I had nothing to lose and that Architecture would always be there as a safe guard if this opportunity didn't work out. But in saying all of this - I realised that loving what you do means that you often end up neglecting friends, time spent with family as well as not making sufficient time for yourself. I'm still relatively new to the working scene in Sydney and still attempting to find some kind of stability and juggle all that is life. I'm doing it at my own pace but i'm sure i'll reach a good balance in no time... xxx

Editing: Li-Chi Pan
Photography:  Katt Gao


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