Saturday, November 14

Good Friends & Great Adventures.

It's so easy to focus on what you don't have and to always want something that's unattainable - that's human nature, isn't it? To always want something that is beyond our reach. We are often so consumed by the notion of wanting to get away from our monotonous surroundings- in seek of new adventures in cities which we have never been to... but have fallen completely in love with. Having lived in Sydney for almost six years I realised how little time I had actually invested in exploring this beautiful city and when Matt and Rob suggested that we drive up to Hunter Valley, being the spontaneous girls that Tara and I are - we decided to go. 

Having returned from our recent trip together in Dubai - I've been feeling so inspired to travel and adventure more in Sydney. I'm truly amazed at how Instagram has brought so many like-minded and creative people into my life and how I can call some of these incredibly awesome humans - my family. Despite living very busy lives we all still meet on the regular for dinner catch ups and it makes me smile knowing that an App - has helped connect me with such like-minded people who appreciate travel and photography as much as I do. 

Here's to exploring more in good company! :) 

Photography: Rob Mulally


Queenie said...

Stunning photos! It looks so beautiful xx

Li-Chi Pan said...

Thank you Queenie :)!