Tuesday, December 8

48 hours in Melbourne.

How liberating is it to leave everything familiar once in a while. I started the year on a completely new path; dropping a five year degree to pursue a career I had zero experience in, and leaving a three year relationship I was unhappy with while bruising myself in the process. However, in hindsight it was all worth it in the end, as there can never be success without a bit of struggle. 

Having had a rather chaotic month I decided that a short trip away was necessary in order to restore some form of sanity. I was invited for a two nights stay at the Park Hyatt Melbourne, and upon check-in I was upgraded to an incredibly spacious Deluxe room. There, I was greeted by a bed which made getting up in the morning a real mental work out, as well as a pair of customised slippers and the softest bathrobes. As soon as my best friend and I arrived we were immediately blown away by the enormity of our room as well as a panoramic view of the Melbourne skyline. 
Having checked in at 4pm I decided to order one of the best room service breakfast spreads that I have had the pleasure of enjoying for dinner. Yup, it's a twenty four hour breakfast service (best)! 

Upon my arrival back to Sydney, and consequently being yanked back into reality - I daydream of this classically, grand hotel with it's approachability and friendliness of staff as well as its prime location. I can't even begin to thank the hospitable staff for making my stay such a memorable one.

Address: 1 Parliament Square
 off Parliament Place, 
Victoria, Australia, 3002

Tel: +61 3 9224 1234


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