Saturday, March 7

Glazed Doughnuts Goodness.

The gorgeous girls from Glazed Doughnuts sure know how to brighten up a girls day. I was gifted this beautifully hand crafted box of doughnuts last weekend from the Brewery markets to do a tasting for them. My box of 6 came with the following unique flavours:

- Red velvet with cream cheese frosting glaze 
- Strawberry glaze with pop tarts 
- Cheery glaze with smashed meringue 
- Nutella glaze with banana chips and waffles 
- Chocolate ganache with rocky road
- Honey glaze with peanut butter  stuffed pretzels

My favourite from the set of 6 is undoubtedly the chocolate ganache with rock road! I reckon I could eat an entire box of those purely on their own. So proud of these two Cali girls and i'm sure in no time they'll have a shop up and running of their own. Keep it up ladies xxx



Queenie said...

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but these look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The Nutella glaze sounds like a dream x

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