Monday, August 24

Tuesday Thoughts.

Sometimes when I have a few hours to spare, though, the actual notion of having 'spare time' is almost non-existent in my life these days. I like to on the odd occasion visit an old favourite cafe of mine. It's in this quaint space where i'm able to order my regular chai or iced latte and organise my unedited images and jumbled thoughts.

I suppose one of the risks of being quiet is that other people can fill your silence with their own interpretation of you. You're shy. You're judgemental. You're stuck up. You're rude. When others can't seem to read us, they write their own story - not always one we choose or one that's true to who we are. I've come to learn from a close friend, Wendy, that one of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you. Valuing your opinion of yourself above all others is whats important. To be authentic, genuine and true to who you are.



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