Sunday, November 23

Casetify x Lichipan.

'Coffee in Amsterdam' by Mishmallow Illustrations

 'The Princess & the Pea' by Mishmallow Illustrations

People often ask me if i've ever met up with any of my 'Instagram pals' and the answer to that is actually yes. I was always slightly skeptical of meeting people from the internet / social media just because over the internet no one knows if you're a cat or a creep...However, after meeting Michelle (@mishmallow_) my perception of Instagram meet-ups has been altered quite drastically. 

Don't get me wrong - when Michelle agreed to partner up with Casetify & myself - I was over the moon but so nervous and slightly panic stricken at the same time to finally meet her. I'd always been a huge fan of her minimalist illustrations and after working with her before it was exciting to collaborate again but this time on a slightly larger scale project. Michelle & I were offered to do an 'artist collaboration' for Casetify which involved coming up with 5-6 designs for cellphone cases (check them out here: Before our initial meet-up I had these menacing thoughts as to whether or not there would be moments of awkward silences or forced conversation (the whole idea of meeting someone from a social media app felt like a blind date to be blatantly honest) but meeting Michelle in person was the best decision I made. Not only did conversation flow effortlessly but she was so likeable and funny.

We met over breakfast at Bread and Circus and discussed the collaboration with Casetify and then met again a few days later to have another relaxing breakfast (this time non work related) and caught up over laughs and relaxing conversation. She's turned out to be someone I really adore and i'm really thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with such a creative individual. Instagram really has a knack of bringing people together!

Illustration of our breakfast at Bread & Circus by my lovely Michelle (otherwise known as Mishmallow on Instagram). The owner of the restaurant actually messaged her on Instagram to ask if he could purchase the print from London! Super exciting.

If you decide to purchase & support one of our designs tag us on Instagram at: #lichipanxmishmallow! 

Photography: Li-Chi Pan

Illustrations: Mishmallow Art / Michelle Bae


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