Sunday, November 9

Sunday Musings.

Last submission due on Wednesday. It's going slowly. VERY. SLOWLY. Hence this procrastination post. I've never been good with long-winded philosophical essays but I somehow manage to get it done (how -I don't even know...) Best of luck to uni students who begin writing from tomorrow. Try not to stress it out! It's not worth accumulating grey hair from unnecessary pressure you put on yourself. Take it easy and remember to be kind to your body. I always end up neglecting myself when an assignment or exam is around the corner. I run on multiple cans of Red Bull, V and coffee and survive on an hour or two of sleep. I usually end up in the 'crash phase' which entails falling sick and looking extremely sleep deprived followed by a series of 'you look so tired' comments from my peers. Remember hydrate yourself and get enough sleep! Your body will thank you for it. TRUST ME. 

I'm also a little relieved knowing that five years of studying is finally drawing to an end. It's been an emotionally and physically taxing course - Architecture isn't for the faint hearted! Wanted to share some exciting news with you all. 
I was invited by Hypetap to join their company today (A brand agency who gets influential people on social media to build hype around different companies through collaborations). A really exciting offer - but still deciding whether I want a career in the styling/blogging/advertising industry or  whether to go into Architecture. I love both but it's quite stressful managing both at the moment.

Incredibly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have taken place over the last year! Let's hope that this streak of positive vibes continues! Have a good week ahead everybody! 

Photography: Sheng Lee


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