Monday, November 3

Travel Finds: Sydney Gems.

When I initially arrived in Germany on a Sunday I remember distinctly arriving in what seemed like a ghost town. I soon discovered due to German laws that Sunday was declared as a 'family day' and all shops were closed. During this sixth month period in Europe I learnt to occupy my Sundays as 'me time' which meant attending to my unkempt nails, laundry, cleaning the apartment, baking or simply reading a novel with a warm cup of tea. I learnt to really love and appreciate my Sundays where in normal world was my most hated day of the week.  

So having returned back to Sydney (aka normal world) where everything is open on a Sunday - I've decided to stick to my Sunday ritual in Germany which means 'me time.' Previously, I hated being seen in public alone - apparently there's actually a term for this fear called ..'monophobia' - but after having returned from my Euro trip i've fallen in love with the idea of exploring and discovering places without the need of folly chatter of others, but simply learning to love the time spent on my own. Just remember - there is no need to constantly surround yourself with people (this doesn't mean becoming a hermit...) But there is absolutely nothing wrong with self love!

P.s Here are a few snaps from the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, a little gem I discovered this weekend.. Enjoy! xx

Address: 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia
Opening Horus: Monday - Sunday 10am -  5pm (Closed Tuesday)


White Rabbit Teahouse on Urbanspoon


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