Thursday, November 13

T2 Flutterby Review.

Floral Flutteryby Kisses (Left) & Fruity Madame Flutterby (right).

Fruitalicious (Left) & Apple Crumble (right).

There's nothing more relaxing than sipping on a warm cup of tea. It's my favourite thing to turn to after a long, stressful day. I drink almost every type of tea there is- so as you can imagine when I was asked me to do a review for Tea2's newest Flutterby range I was ecstatic!   

One thing that I absolutely adore about Tea2 is how much attention and detailing goes into the packaging of their products. From the charming little tea tins to the little spoon attached to the tea strainer (which helps brew the perfect amount of tea)! Every little package has a hidden surprise of beauty and wonder with its eclectic blend of unique flavours. The Flutterby ranges from classic breakfast teas to more contemporary and summery teas.

My favourite pick from the collection turned out to be Madame Flutterby. Its the kind of black, fruity tea that I can imagine myself drinking as a perfect little pick-me up. I loved the subtle hints of the rose petals and herbs in this green tea blend. I also really enjoyed the apple crumble tea which tasted of home baked goodness! The cinnamon and apple was so aromatic I couldn't believe it was tea that I was actually drinking. 
Tea2 is the master of blending and creating contemporary tea flavours and should be commended on their bold and daring flavours. They make every tea experience an exciting one!


Photography: Haren Dias

Editing & Styling: Li-Chi Pan


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