Wednesday, September 23

Adore Beauty Haul

Happy Hump Day everyone! 

I ordered from Adore Beauty for the first time last week after hearing much hype about it through a colleague at work. I don't know how I lived before discovering this site - signed up and purchased the SKII Mid-Day Miracle Essence and it arrived the following day. I rarely have days off as i'm so caught up with styling and shooting at work whilst juggling blogging on the side that shopping online is so much more convenient for me. 

I placed my order during my lunch break and it was delivered the following day! I would highly recommend purchasing off Adore Beauty as opposed to make-up counters as you have access to a team of friendly staff who are always happy to help with some great reviews! The cherry on top was the little hidden Tim Tam which wasn't advertised -but was the perfect surprise for me after a busy day at work. Thanks for making my experience such a special one! I think it's safe to say that i'm an official Adore Beauty addict ;) 

Photography: Li-Chi Pan

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