Wednesday, September 9

Waffle Feasting.

Happy hump day guys!

Choc Pot has always been my go-to-place for desserts. I honestly can't fault the place! I reckon these monstrous chocolate plates of sugar are made to be shared - but you know... Treat yoself. Whenever I eat here it feels like ten cheats day in one I swear! Haha! We ordered all the home-made waffles on the menu as well as their dessert of the month: honeycrumb waffnut - which consists of two stacked honey-cinnamon waffnuts with a waffle cone top hat smothered in biscuit crumbs and caramel ice-cream.  Decadent to say the very least! ;)

People often ask me how I take my images so I decided to include a dorky-behind-the-scene snap of myself standing on the chair looking not-so-elegant, but you know. You asked. So here you go. Big shout out to my girls for such a memorable weekend! xxx


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Liesl said...

Oh gosh! Droooooling! Thanks for sharing this heavenly place with us. Enjoy your weekend <3